The Best Gift for a 40th, 50th Birthday

Do you have someone in your life that is lordy, lordy, turning forty? Or someone joining the half century club? Give them the gift of a fine writing instrument. A fancy pen. One that is perfectly weighted, custom for them, one that flows richly on any type of paper. A status symbol, a very cool pen. Statistics show that people with disposable income are buying up designer pens buy the fistful, the more custom the more in demand they are. They have become an luxury investment for some. With the digital age upon us, it has made many of us impatient, however we also place a high value on the traditional. Handmade and limited-edition products are in high demand, true luxury has become synonymous with one-of-a kind, unusual pieces. And a rare pen – the lone soldier of an analogue time in history – proudly stands firmly in the premium-product category, with collectors regularly seeking out investment-worthy instruments.

Using a fine pen makes us acutely aware of the value of self-expression. We tend to slow down, to become mindful of our penmanship, to select our words more carefully, and to gather and develop our thoughts more thoroughly. The act of writing becomes intensely personal, providing a respite in the middle of hectic modern life.

From a receiver’s point of view, I know getting a handwritten note, card or letter holds far more meaning for me than the printed type of a digital message, which is cold and simply cannot match the sentiments that can be conveyed through ink on paper. Start collecting today, you won't be disappointed.

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