4 Quick Steps to Recognizing a Great Pen.

It seems like most products are becoming ergonomically friendly, it’s all about comfort. Pens are no exception. If you do any handwriting with a pen, being comfortable while doing it enriches the experience. It may also reduce fatigue and cramping.

  • Shape: generally the pens that are longer, balanced properly and thicker are easier to use unless you have smaller hands, then a pen with a thinner body would be more suitable.
  • Weight: you want the pen to be light enough to hold but heavy enough to assist with writing, a heavier tip aids the writing process.
  • Inkflow: great inkflow aides the ease of use, you also want quick drying ink as it keeps you and the work cleaner by reducing the smudges.
  • Posture: good posture is overall a good idea but even more so when writing, it plays a key roll in comfortable fatigue free writing.

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